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March 20, 2012

Fairytale – Sue Law

Sue Law is currently part of our ‘Fairytale’ Exhibition. If you like the look of her work why not pop in and have a look ?

“The body and its relationship to the space that surrounds it inspire my sculpture. Absence and Presence are recurrent themes within my work as these sculptures are the physical depiction of the negative space around the figure. I have recently used resin to make sculptures of stiletto shoes that include an impression of the wearer’s feet. The Glass Slipper from the Fairytale of Cinderella was a perfect inspiration for my sculpture which could only ever fit one partficular foot!”

Sue Law has recently returned to the Cambridge area after moving to Norwich to complete her MA in Fine Art at Norwich University College of the Arts. Sue sold her restaurant in Cambridge in 2003 and has reveled in a change of career, studying at first in Cambridge then for her BA at Winchester School of Art.

Using Adobe Illustrator Sue has developed images that have been laser cut from Perspex to create a large installation describing the events of a ‘Girls Night Out’. This piece is a comment on the current binge drinking culture. She has also used the solid substantial physicality of bronze and the light delicacy of plaster bandage to describe the negative space around the exquisite curves of the figure.

To see more of Sue’s work, available to buy, go to

February 11, 2012

Fairytale Private View

Thank you to all of those that attended our ‘Fairytale’ Private View last saturday despite the cold weather!

We were very lucky to have many of the artists in attendance. We took some pictures for those of you that couldn’t make it…

We had wine for our guests! Pictured are three beautiful paintings by illustrative artist Amanda Clark, ‘Winter’s Dream’, ‘Dawn of a Dream’ and ‘East of the Sun, West of the Moon’.

The lovely Amanda Clark pictured next to ‘Queen and Blue Crow’(top) and ‘Bird Lady’ (middle). Also shown is ‘My Eye Glanced Toward My Opponent – I Raised My Pistol And Fired’ by book sculpter Justin Rowe (bottom).

Equally lovely sculpter Sue Law also joined us, pictured here with her fantastic sculpture ‘Glass Slipper I’

‘Glass Slipper I’ is the perfect sculpture to feature in our window, especially when it catches the rays of the settting sun!

Thaxted born artist Amber Caspian with a penchant for the mystical joined us but was a bit camera shy! Pictured are ‘At Home – Baba Yaga’ (left) and ‘In The Hood – Red Riding Hood’ (right). Also pictured are ‘The Dance’ (centre) by Amanda Clark and A Colin Chetwood ‘Golden Lily Lamp’.

Unfortunately mixed media artist and i2 favourite Neil Payne couldn’t join us for the Private View but we still got to admire his beautiful work. ‘Tabula’, above, is made up of the spines of books. A fantastic addition to our ‘Fairytale’ exhibition.

It was wonderful that book sculpter Justin Rowe could make it to the Private View. Pictured here with ‘Forest of Dreams’ (print) and Still No Soul Appeared Upon Her Decks’ (sculpture).

Sadly painter and i2 regular Helena-A. Reut couldn’t be with us but her paintings were a hit! Above are ‘Laundry’, ‘The Final Act’ and ‘Harelquin’.

The wonderful mixed media painter Amanda Sheldrake also joined us, pictured here with the beautiful ‘Changing Times’.

Another artist that sadly couldn’t make the preview was illustrative painter Celeste Copping but her paintings got a lot of attention. Pictured above are ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and Goldilocks’.

February 3, 2012


Curious Realms of the Imagination

Fairytale is an exhibition about the stories artists tell through their art. Showing work either inspired by known fairy tales handed down to us through generations, or envisioned from their own worlds with an invitation for us to explore.

i2 Art is proud to present an enchanting collection of paintings and sculptures, which offer the viewer to chance to encounter the curious realms of the artist’s imagination.

Private View tomorrow 2 – 4pm, everyone welcome!

Fairytale includes Illustration, Painting, Sculpture, Prints and Mixed Media pieces, we have eight exciting artists which are the stars of our show:

Amber Caspian

Amanda Clark

Celeste Copping

Sue Law

Neil Payne

Helena-A. Reut

Justin Rowe

Amanda Sheldrake

June 28, 2011

Private View Photos!

Morning Bloggers, here at i2Art gallery on Saturday we had our private view for our exciting new Summer Exhibition. The weather graced us with the perfect day for it; the Pimm’s was going down well! In case anybody missed it, we took some photos for you!

Here is a picture of Gilly Marklew and friend; Gilly is a watercolour artist that is featured in the Summer Exhibition, and also teaches Watercolour Painting and Drawing to adult learners in the Cambridge area.

Annie Hall, talented local portrait artist, with Graz, who is part of the team here at i2Art! Annie also does commission work, which are ideal gifts!

Artist Judy Logan looking wonderfully vibrant by her painting, ‘You are always on my mind’ (above). Judy is a painter and printmaker based in Cambridge. She is part of the Cambridge Artworks Group who are featuring in the Cambridge open studios this weekend.

Lovely Sarah, head of the i2Art team, with Judy next to one of Judy’s innovative aquatint prints, ‘Perfect Landing’.

Althea Braithwaite is a former children’s book writer and publisher, who in 2003 acquired a kiln, which led from hobby to obsession as she produces her beautiful vibrant coloured glass works. Here she is with two of her works, ‘Desert Sand’ (left) and ‘Fen Sunset’ (right).

Annie with two of her larger portraits in charcoal, ‘Self Portrait’ (left) and ‘Portrait’ (right), and another Judy Logan crow print, an etching entitled ‘Speed Crow’.

Local art enthusiasts, Alison’s Mum Sonya (right) and good friend Hazel (Left) standing with Alison from the i2Art team.

One of Colin Chetwood’s delicate flower lamps, ‘Baby Bedside Cream Light’ we have here in the i2Art Gallery Summer Exhibition.

Unfortunately Loukas Morely could not make the Private View, but that did not stop us from admiring his beautiful paintings and prints, ‘Gesture (pair)’ (above), and three of his ‘Basket’ prints in Yellow, Cyan and Magenta.

Some more of Loukas’ work including ‘Gesture I’ (right) and ‘Gesture with White’ (left).

Another picture of Althea with fellow glass artist Helen Curtis. Helen is a former analytical chemist, and she has a scientific rather than artistic approach to her work; her scientific influences are clear in her stunning fused glass pieces.

Our Summer Exhibition window display here at the i2Art Gallery, including work by Colin Chetwood (lamp), Katie Lynn (Fused glass flowers in window), Helen Curtis (Fused glass turquoise dish), Sophie Howard (Human form sculptures) and Sue Law, with her Purple Party Shoes, a piece that offers an interesting point of view when looking at sense of space.

The display in another room in our historic building, showing Marc Greco’s lovely bird prints, alongside some of Judy Logan’s smaller pieces, and glass work by Althea Braithwaite, Helen Curtis and Katie Lynn.

That’s it from us at i2Art Gallery, but watch this space for more exciting news about our ‘Summer Exhibition’ and further information on the artists exhibiting.

June 14, 2011

Last two weeks of LandMarks, Summer Exhibition coming soon!

Hi Bloggers! Unfortunately we have the last two weeks of our LandMarks exhibition, but that does mean it is nearly time for our next exhibition, the Summer Exhibition!

Summer Private View Invitation

i2 Art presents a collection of diverse artwork from selected artists both familiar and new to the gallery.


We have a new range of pieces by two of our most popular artists; Colin Chetwood’s gorgeous flower lamps and Sophie Howard’s waxed terracotta
figures.  Come and see our delightful summer range of paintings, prints, portraits, photography, sculpture and glass to suit all tastes and at reasonable prices.  Find the perfect piece for your home, a gift for a friend or wedding present, or simply come in and browse!


Please come along to the Private View on Saturday 25 June 2-4pm when you can meet the artists and enjoy the beautiful gallery space with a glass of Pimm’s and lemonade.

Althea Braithwaite – Cambridge

Colin Chetwood – Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

Helen Curtis – Buntingford, Hertfordshire

Mark Greco – Lewes, East Sussex

Annie Hall – Colchester

Melanie Henderson – Bedford

Sophie Howard – Bristol

Yolande Kenny – Ickleford, Hertfordshire

Sue Law – Fowlmere, Hertfordshire

Judy Logan – Cambridge

Katie Lynn – Cambridge

Gilly Marklew – Buntingford, Hertfordshire

Noel Myles – Sudbury, Suffolk