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September 14, 2012

WonkyLAND – New works in now!

These beautiful glass flowers from artist Katie Lynn are always a favourite with visitors to i2 Art!

Collections of wonderful colourful flowers with lots of individual quirky bits added. The flowers either stand in a wooden base or can be hung on the wall.

We now have many new pieces in stock why not pop in and have a look?!

Katie has lived in the Saffron Walden area most of her life and studied Art Foundation at Braintree College following with a degree in Mural design at Chelsea School of Art. Having experimented with lots of different mediums she found that the colour and the cutting of glass was what she really loved when constructing a stained glass window.

After leaving college Katie travelled South East Asia and lived in Australia and New Zealand for eighteen months. A six month solo trip to South America in 1995 provided a wealth of inspiration.

Since having her first child in 2000 Katie has concentrated on the children, but missed being creative. Having long wanted to explore kiln fusing she bought a small kiln several years ago and started experimenting with fused glass pieces.

A while ago Katie started to look into how she could translate the wild, bold, bright colours and crazy forms of nature in to her glass work. This led to her latest and most exciting project “Flowers from Wonky Land”.


September 6, 2012




Photographs by Phil Evans

i2 Art is very excited to welcome Tuomuro to Saffron Walden.

Tuomuro (Italian for ‘Your Walls’) exhibit and sell the limited edition fine art photography of
Master Craftsman, Photographer Phil Evans,
and also showcase the work of other artists and designers they love and think that visitors will too.
That makes Tuomuro@i2Art the perfect duo!

Majoring in acrylic art prints with their stunning vivid colours, Turomuro display a superb variety of images that range from exciting cityscapes
of London and New York to creative floral studies.

New York, London, Bournemouth, Tulip Collections & The Tuomuro Selection

Look out for the brand new

Saffron Walden Collection

Coming Soon!

Tuomuro@i2Art provides a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome to come and browse.

Purchase Tuomuro prints online at using the code SWG10 and get 10% off!

September 6, 2012

Poppy Cyster

We’d like to welcome abstract artist Poppy Cyster to i2Art.

Born in Fife, Poppy is predominantly an abstract artist, and many of her paintings hover between abstract compositions of line and colour and representations of nature itself.
A wide range of subject matter informs her work, from aerial perspectives of the Scottish landscape to the vibrant and ever changing inspirations she gathers on her extensive travels.
She originally studied Fine Art at De Montfort from where she graduated with a sell-out degree show and was awarded the Leicestershire Artworks collection prize.
A decade on, Poppy is paintings full time and her work is exhibited widely in the UK, and held in private collections from Japan and Australia to India and the US.
Poppy’s paintings are available to buy online through our Pop-up Gallery.
July 19, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Still On!

The i2 Art Summer Exhibition is still going strong with work from many wonderful Artists both new to i2Art and regular contributors.

Two i2Art favourites whom we have asked to return once more to i2Art as part of the Summer Exhibition are Amanda Sheldrake and Amanda Clark.

Both Artists create paintings that are both magical and mystical but in very different ways.

Amanda Sheldrake

Amanda Sheldrake has been creating works of art for many years, selling to collectors worldwide. She is also commissioned to do mural designs, window painting and portrait painting.

“I have always been inspired by travelling to different environments and particularly by the intense joys of nature which I respond to with my vibrant use of colour.”

Amanda likes to explore many different media and uses them to inform the piece of art I am inspired to create. The essence of the enjoyment in my work is displayed in the diversity of subject, design and colour.

“I would simply like to share with you my love for life through my creativity”

Amanda Clark

Amanda’s paintings are a rich tapestry of colour, fairytale, myth and legend. Inspired by the magical and mysterious tales she has been reading and studying since childhood and the enchanting English countryside where she has lived all her life.

The colours she uses in each piece of art portrays the mood and essence of a tale that has been told through the centuries, but with a contemporary twist. Each piece of Amanda’s art is painted in jewel like colours with acrylic paint, adding layers, glazes and fine detail and sometimes mica for iridescent texture.

For very special commissions, Amanda makes her own paints using egg tempura and natural pigments.

To see more work from the Summer Exhibition, available to buy, visit –

Also visit Amanda Clark’s own Pop-up gallery to see more of her artworks for sale –

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July 5, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Robin Stemp

Why not pop in and see our Summer Exhibition on now until the 4th August? With works from both new and old faces there is something for everyone! Take for example Photographic Artist Robin Stemp…

Originally a painter, Robin Stemp was seduced into photography in the mid 1990’s. However, she still thinks in that way and so her images are intentionally quite painterly. This is quite marked in the interiors, which came about when the American poets, Debora Greger and William Logan found a dolls’ house on a skip and immediately thought of Robin. Because she likes large, almost empty rooms to photograph and she lives in a small house, she has to create her own and these have to be in miniature. By being sparsely furnished (if at all) they can evoke a mood – which mood is up to the viewer.

‘I line up objects on a shelf in my studio and watch the light move in through the open windows, with light and objects sharing an equal part in the composition. Maybe my interest in domestic subjects was forged when, as a working artist and mother of three, I had to multi task and could not go off in search of inspiration, and so found it in the things immediately around me.’

As a painter Robin exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, New English Art Club, Royal Watercolour Society and in many solo shows in Cambridge and elsewhere. Robin’s photographs have also been exhibited widely and are in various public and private collections. Working as an art journalist, meant that she was in contact with every kind of visual art and this has opened her eyes to all possibilities.

To see more of Robin’s work, available to buy, visit –

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May 26, 2012

i2Art Summer Exhibition Starts Today!

i2Art Summer Exhibition – until the 4th August!

The i2Art Summer Exhibition is always a crowd pleaser and this year will be no different, featuring artworks from both new and familiar faces with something for everyone.

Sarah Booth’s gorgeous folk art oils of fruit and birds

Expressive landscapes by Yasmin Marsh

Nettie Firman’s mixed media sculptures

Emma Petts’ colourful acrylic paintings

Robin Stemp’s unique photographic style

Sarah Warnes’ small but perfectly formed paintings

Patricia Palmers’ vibrant and dramatic landscapes

Not to mention…

Katie Lynn’s quirky glass flowers

Colin Chetwood’s paper and copper flower lamps

Alan Foxley’s ceramic forms

To see more of these artists work, available to buy, visit –

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May 11, 2012

Horseplay – Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard’s equine sculptures are currently adding form and texture to our horsey promenade. Why not pop in and have a look at our ‘Horseplay’ exhibition?

Sophie Howard studied scuplture at Winchester School of Art and graduated in 1979. Since then she has continued to be a practicing sculptor. She has made over 30 portrait commissions, architural details for historic house renovations and created several works for national television. In addition to following her own development as an artist, between 1988 and 2005 she designed garden statuary for several leading manufacturers. She has been employed in arts education in a number of roles including residencies, arts workshops for serious offenders and teaching Art and Design. She currently acts as a mentor and creative industries business advisor with BRAVE the enterprise agency, and ArtsMatrix, part time, as well as occasional sculpture teaching.

Sophie makes forms from clay and other materials, including willow and driftwood. Her subjects are people, animals, movement and pure forms, and the connections between all of these. Much of her work is cast into terracotta and resin as well as bronze.

Sophie’s sculpture is represented in a number of galleries in England, Scotland and Wales.

To see more of Sophie’s work, available to buy, visit:

May 11, 2012

Horseplay – Ramzieh Baj

Our current exhibition ‘Horseplay’, exploring the equine form, features the work of several wonderful local artists including Ramzieh Baj. Why not pop in and have a look for yourself?

Ramzieh Baj was born in Jordan of Circassian parents from the Caucasus region of Russia.  An honours graduate in fine art from the University of Baghdad, where she studied under Faiq Hassan, she taught art before taking up a British Council scholarship to pursue her post-graduate studies in Brighton from which she graduated with distinction in painting. She was awarded an MA in Fine Art Printmaking from Cambridge School of Art in 2008; her dissertation was on ‘Globalisation and Issue Based Art’.

Ramzieh has lived and worked in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Qatar (where she lectured in art at the University), Botswana, Algeria, and Senegal, and now lives outside the village of Little Walden between Cambridge and Saffron Walden.

Solo Exhibitions include:

Botswana – Gaberone: National Museum and Gallery

Qatar – Doha: Gulf Hotel & Department of Culture and Arts.

Egypt – Cairo: Akhenaton Gallery, Zamalek

Serbia – Belgrade: Graficki Kolektiv

UK – Brighton: Hove Museum of Art

Jordan – Amman: British Council

To see more or Ramzieh’s work, available to buy, visit:

March 20, 2012

Fairytale – Sue Law

Sue Law is currently part of our ‘Fairytale’ Exhibition. If you like the look of her work why not pop in and have a look ?

“The body and its relationship to the space that surrounds it inspire my sculpture. Absence and Presence are recurrent themes within my work as these sculptures are the physical depiction of the negative space around the figure. I have recently used resin to make sculptures of stiletto shoes that include an impression of the wearer’s feet. The Glass Slipper from the Fairytale of Cinderella was a perfect inspiration for my sculpture which could only ever fit one partficular foot!”

Sue Law has recently returned to the Cambridge area after moving to Norwich to complete her MA in Fine Art at Norwich University College of the Arts. Sue sold her restaurant in Cambridge in 2003 and has reveled in a change of career, studying at first in Cambridge then for her BA at Winchester School of Art.

Using Adobe Illustrator Sue has developed images that have been laser cut from Perspex to create a large installation describing the events of a ‘Girls Night Out’. This piece is a comment on the current binge drinking culture. She has also used the solid substantial physicality of bronze and the light delicacy of plaster bandage to describe the negative space around the exquisite curves of the figure.

To see more of Sue’s work, available to buy, go to

March 9, 2012

Fairytale – Helena-Alexandra Reut

Helena Reut is part of our ‘Fairytales – Curious Realms of the Imagination’ exhibition, on until 24 March.

“Walter Benjamin wrote about the aura of the work of art, and lamented its loss in the age of mechanical reproduction. I draw my subjects from history, mythology and the imagination because that is where I believe ”aura” has its roots. I strive for that unspoken quantity through which a painting can enchant and even haunt its viewer.”

Helena-Alexandra Reut was born in Belarus and studied in Moscow (Russian State Humanities University, Faculty of the History of Religion; Moscow Institute of Applied Arts), then continued in Warsaw (Academy of Fine Arts, graduation work supervised by Piotr Welk – Graded ‘Excellent’). She also attended the Warsaw School of Photography (directed by Marian Schmidt), the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow, and others.

In Helena’s own words, “The role of visual art is to express that which no other medium can convey. The exquisiteness of a painting is its inexplicable something – its striving for sacrum. For centuries it did this by exploring explicitly religious themes – biblical scenes, myths and fables. I believe this heritage is vital for the continued relevance of art, which is why I draw inspiration from, for example, the medieval period, the Fayum portraits, and difficult questions about the roots of the Slavic peoples – themes related to the art of bygone ages and the spirits of those times. The techniques used by those artists also fascinate me, and I try to employ and re-interpret their methods in my own work.”

Helena has exhibited internationally including Warsaw and Moscow. She is married and now lives in Cambridge where she has also exhibited some of her work.

To see more of Helena’s work, available to buy, go to