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September 14, 2012

WonkyLAND – New works in now!

These beautiful glass flowers from artist Katie Lynn are always a favourite with visitors to i2 Art!

Collections of wonderful colourful flowers with lots of individual quirky bits added. The flowers either stand in a wooden base or can be hung on the wall.

We now have many new pieces in stock why not pop in and have a look?!

Katie has lived in the Saffron Walden area most of her life and studied Art Foundation at Braintree College following with a degree in Mural design at Chelsea School of Art. Having experimented with lots of different mediums she found that the colour and the cutting of glass was what she really loved when constructing a stained glass window.

After leaving college Katie travelled South East Asia and lived in Australia and New Zealand for eighteen months. A six month solo trip to South America in 1995 provided a wealth of inspiration.

Since having her first child in 2000 Katie has concentrated on the children, but missed being creative. Having long wanted to explore kiln fusing she bought a small kiln several years ago and started experimenting with fused glass pieces.

A while ago Katie started to look into how she could translate the wild, bold, bright colours and crazy forms of nature in to her glass work. This led to her latest and most exciting project “Flowers from Wonky Land”.


September 6, 2012




Photographs by Phil Evans

i2 Art is very excited to welcome Tuomuro to Saffron Walden.

Tuomuro (Italian for ‘Your Walls’) exhibit and sell the limited edition fine art photography of
Master Craftsman, Photographer Phil Evans,
and also showcase the work of other artists and designers they love and think that visitors will too.
That makes Tuomuro@i2Art the perfect duo!

Majoring in acrylic art prints with their stunning vivid colours, Turomuro display a superb variety of images that range from exciting cityscapes
of London and New York to creative floral studies.

New York, London, Bournemouth, Tulip Collections & The Tuomuro Selection

Look out for the brand new

Saffron Walden Collection

Coming Soon!

Tuomuro@i2Art provides a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome to come and browse.

Purchase Tuomuro prints online at using the code SWG10 and get 10% off!

July 19, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Still On!

The i2 Art Summer Exhibition is still going strong with work from many wonderful Artists both new to i2Art and regular contributors.

Two i2Art favourites whom we have asked to return once more to i2Art as part of the Summer Exhibition are Amanda Sheldrake and Amanda Clark.

Both Artists create paintings that are both magical and mystical but in very different ways.

Amanda Sheldrake

Amanda Sheldrake has been creating works of art for many years, selling to collectors worldwide. She is also commissioned to do mural designs, window painting and portrait painting.

“I have always been inspired by travelling to different environments and particularly by the intense joys of nature which I respond to with my vibrant use of colour.”

Amanda likes to explore many different media and uses them to inform the piece of art I am inspired to create. The essence of the enjoyment in my work is displayed in the diversity of subject, design and colour.

“I would simply like to share with you my love for life through my creativity”

Amanda Clark

Amanda’s paintings are a rich tapestry of colour, fairytale, myth and legend. Inspired by the magical and mysterious tales she has been reading and studying since childhood and the enchanting English countryside where she has lived all her life.

The colours she uses in each piece of art portrays the mood and essence of a tale that has been told through the centuries, but with a contemporary twist. Each piece of Amanda’s art is painted in jewel like colours with acrylic paint, adding layers, glazes and fine detail and sometimes mica for iridescent texture.

For very special commissions, Amanda makes her own paints using egg tempura and natural pigments.

To see more work from the Summer Exhibition, available to buy, visit –

Also visit Amanda Clark’s own Pop-up gallery to see more of her artworks for sale –

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July 12, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Nettie Firman

Another artist from our Summer Exhibition, which is overflowing with vibrant artistic talent, is Nettie Firman…

Nettie has been making mosaics to private and public commission for over 20 years. She has exhibited at The Imagination Gallery, The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery, The XO Gallery and at Metropolitan Wharf in Wapping.

Nettie has demonstrated the technique of making mosaics on BBC 2’s ‘Homefront’ and is credited in The Mosaic Book, published by Conran, Octopus in 1994. Her public clients include English Heritage, The Church of England (mosaic restoration), and reproductions of her mosaics have been sold through St. Paul’s Cathedral, Verulamium Museum, Kenwood House and National Trust outlets.

More recently Nettie has diversified into sculpture, fabrics and colourful installations – many of which are influenced by modern technology, as exemplified in the Technophobia Exhibition she curated in London in 1997. She enjoys combining art with humour and working with everyday objects.

Nettie is highly flexible in her approach to art and will tackle any idea for a commission with flair, energy and sensitivity to her client’s requirements. Her work is affordable, eclectic and highly collectable.

To see more of Nettie’s work, available to buy, visit –

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July 5, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Robin Stemp

Why not pop in and see our Summer Exhibition on now until the 4th August? With works from both new and old faces there is something for everyone! Take for example Photographic Artist Robin Stemp…

Originally a painter, Robin Stemp was seduced into photography in the mid 1990’s. However, she still thinks in that way and so her images are intentionally quite painterly. This is quite marked in the interiors, which came about when the American poets, Debora Greger and William Logan found a dolls’ house on a skip and immediately thought of Robin. Because she likes large, almost empty rooms to photograph and she lives in a small house, she has to create her own and these have to be in miniature. By being sparsely furnished (if at all) they can evoke a mood – which mood is up to the viewer.

‘I line up objects on a shelf in my studio and watch the light move in through the open windows, with light and objects sharing an equal part in the composition. Maybe my interest in domestic subjects was forged when, as a working artist and mother of three, I had to multi task and could not go off in search of inspiration, and so found it in the things immediately around me.’

As a painter Robin exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, New English Art Club, Royal Watercolour Society and in many solo shows in Cambridge and elsewhere. Robin’s photographs have also been exhibited widely and are in various public and private collections. Working as an art journalist, meant that she was in contact with every kind of visual art and this has opened her eyes to all possibilities.

To see more of Robin’s work, available to buy, visit –

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June 28, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Patricia Palmer

Patricia Palmer is one the fantastic Artists currently showing work at i2Art as part of our Summer Exhibition, why not pop in and have a look for yourself?

Patricia’s art training in the 70’s in Leeds (Teacher Training College, Headingley), was graphic based: the following years of teaching developed her abilities in a variety of art and craft skills. After 22 years in the classroom she decided to return to study. Patricia started the first full time course in 2000 at Cambridge Regional College and continued there for the next 5 years: Foundation, HND, Diploma and finally BA Hons, graduating from A.P.U. Cambridge in 2005 achieving a high class degree in Fine Art, specializing in painting.

At first, Patricia explores ideas through drawing, painting and collage, on paper (postcard size) using all mediums. She works from memory in order to sift away the unessential revealing only the typical, although, referring to photographs if she needs to check a specific detail/ colour/ shape/ position in space etc. Patricia tries out different formats, scale and size on paper to see which is appropriate for her theme before going on to canvas. Colours are softened or intensified, perspective flattened and features simplified.

‘My work, though abstract in appearance is for me representational and my paintings are how I see the world and how the world makes me feel.’

To see more of Patricia’s’s work, available to buy, visit –

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June 20, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Sarah Booth

Sarah graduated from West Surrey College of art and design in 1990 with a BA hons in fine art painting. She has spent time travelling and working as a teacher, artist in residence in schools in west London, as well as having a family and painting and exhibiting.

In 1996 she spent some time at the Cypriot Art college in Pafos, under the expert tutelage of Stass Paraskos, he was impressed by a bold use of colour and a quirky quality! It was here that Sarah started painting pomegranates that still feature in her work today.

Sarah’s work has been described as Gypsy folk, with a pinch of kitsch. The main themes at the moment are flowers, birds, pomegranates and insects.

‘I paint both from life and memory and my images unexpectedly continue over the sides of the canvases and can be enjoyed from multiple viewpoints. I use mixed media including canvas patches, gold leaf and may print on the sides of the canvases.’

Since 2008 Sarah has regularly exhibited at the New Ashgate Gallery Surrey, she has also exhibited at the Landmark Art fair in Teddington Lock, Artshed and Letchworth Art centre and more recently the Tudor Gallery Sawbridgeworth. She is currently doing an MA in art therapy at the University of Hertfordshire and is excited to be exhibiting at the i2Art Gallery in Saffron Walden

Sarah lives in Hertfordshire and works from her garden studio

To see more of Sarah’s work, available to buy, visit –

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June 14, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Sarah Warnes

Sarah Warnes is currently part of our Summer Exhibiton, why not pop in and see her work alongside a selection of other beautiful artworks both from Artists new to i2Art and some familiar faces?

Sarah studied Fine Art and Illustration, and gained B.A.(Hons) Degree in Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University in 2003. She has exhibited in and around Cambridge, and is a regular gallery artist at the Porthminster Gallery in St. Ives Cornwall.

She teaches watercolour painting and drawing in Cambridgeshire and London, directs art education projects and has illustrated several published books and on-line courses. Sarah also trained at the Royal Academy of Music studying singing and harp, and music continues to directly influence and inform her work.

“I live in a smallSouth Cambridgeshirevillage, surrounded by fields, a nature reserve and bordered by the hills of Essex and Hertfordshire and use the landscape as my point of inspiration. I regularly walk the village ‘boundary’, and record variations in the seasonal colours, effects of light, and the historical patterns and lines, -which I use in my work to create a ‘sense of place’. My work is water-based, sometimes purely watercolour, but at other times I use gouache, graphite, ink and gold leaf metal – whatever I need to express whatever I am saying about the piece in progress.”

To see more of Sarah’s work, available to buy, visit –

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June 7, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Emma Petts

Artist Emma Petts grew up in Kent but moved to Braintree 5 years ago to live with her boyfriend, now her husband. She has a 10 year old daughter, 2 step kids and a cat with no ears! Emma studied Art GSCE at school and then started Art A level but left 6th form after a year of study – work was calling her and she found a job working for a fashion company as an Admin Assistant. She now works for Reiss as their shipping manager and has been with them for 12 years.

‘My dream one day is to own my own cafe ( I love to cook as well as paint) and spend my time cooking and painting…… one day!’

Emma began painting again about 4 years ago, after seeing a picture of some Graham & Green wallpaper in Marie Clare magazine and thinking a larger version would look nice on her lounge wall. She ordered a swatch, bought a canvas, some brushes and acrylic and set to work! Her style since then has changed a lot. A trip to Brighton a few years ago and a view of Yvonne Coomber’s beautiful work lead her in a different direction and resulted in her collection of circle paintings.

Emma spend’s her evenings painting in her lounge with sheets on the floor to protect the carpet (there is a dark green stain on there from a spillage a couple of years ago, hence the sheets now!) but would love one day to turn one of her bedrooms into a studio so that she doen’t have to keep putting her paints and brushes away each time.

‘I like bright colourful pictures and although the circle paintings are abstract to me they are fields of flowers and I love them! Recently I’ve started to build up a lot of texture as I think it really adds to the painting, along with the glitter! I’m not fussy with what I use, acrylics, tester pots from B & Q, kids poster paint, kids glitter paint, shiny sequins, nothing is really off limits! This is my first exhibition, I hope you like my work!’

To see more of Emma’s work, available to buy, visit –

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June 3, 2012

Summer Exhibition – Jackie Figg – Jubilee Special!

Happy Jubilee!

i2Art is celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with the work of Artist Jackie Figg

A visit to Colchester Castle museum in 1995 sparked Jackie’s initial passion for mosaics. The beautifully preserved Roman mosaic floors inspired Jackie to master the techniques and create her own mosaic artworks. Working from her studio in the Essex countryside, Jackie fulfills her love of colour, pattern, detail & form from the initial designs through to the finished mosaics.

Each mosaic is constructed from a variety of materials, including matt porcelain, vitreous glass, mirror & glazed ceramic tiles all hand cut with meticulous care and precision. This beautiful ancient artform stands the test of time, being naturally hardwaring, non-fading, waterproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures, thus making mosaic art ideal for both inside and out.

Jackies particular passion is to create mosaic art of the human form. Embracing the disciplines of proportion, perspective, form, colour and tone, which provide the greatest challenge but also give the greatest satisfaction

To see more of the Summer Exhibition Artist’s work, available to buy, visit –

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