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December 20, 2011

Althea Braithwaite and Anji Jackson-Main

Two of our favourite artists, glass artist Althea Braithwaite and painter Anji Jackson-Main, have been kind enough to let us exhibit their work again as part of our Christmas Affordable Art Market.

Althea Braithwaite

Althea Braithwaite is a glass artist and children’s book writer who started the publishing company Dinosaur publications. In the autumn of 2003 Althea acquired a kiln and started another venture, working with glass, fusing and slumping it to make dishes, as well as making fused glass windows on commission. It has quickly become an obsession.“For the last few years I’ve immersed myself in the joy, delight and creative potential of the wonderful medium of glass. I use fusing techniques to manipulate shadows and reflections and to exploit the amazing palette of colours that glass offers.”
See more of Althea’s work, available to buy, at

Anji Jackson-Main

In the 70s Anji Jackson-Main studied painting and film making at Sheffield College of Art. Since then she trained as a dancer, teacher and choreographer, founding a dance and performance company and directing several dance theatre shows. In 2008 Anji graduated from Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University, with a First Class Honours degree in Fine Art. Since graduating she has worked as a painter, presenting her first solo exhibition at the New Hall Art Collection in 2009, and as a curator, notably co-curating the post-humus exhibition of the paintings of Pink Floyd founder Syd Barrett, at the Ruskin Gallery in Cambridge, 2008. She is currently studying for the MFA in Fine Art.

See more of Anji’s work, available to buy, at

July 16, 2011

Althea Braithwaite & Helen Curtis

Althea Braithwaite and Helen Curtis are two glass artists who are exhibiting in our Summer Exhibition here at i2Art Gallery.


Althea Braithwaite – Blue Line

Althea Braithwaite is a glass artist and children’s book writer who started the publishing company Dinosaur publications.

Having sold Dinosaur Publications to Harper Collins in 1984 and writing for other publishers, Althea found time to travel. Together with husband Edward she spent two-and-a-half years in Europe in the 90’s, and in 2000 spent 10 months travelling round Australia.

Althea Braithwaite – Confetti

In the autumn of 2003 Althea acquired a kiln and started another venture, working with glass, fusing and slumping it to make dishes, as well as making fused glass windows on commission. It has quickly become an obsession.

Althea Braithwaite – Desert Sand

“For the last few years I’ve immersed myself in the joy, delight and creative potential of the wonderful medium of glass. I use fusing techniques to manipulate shadows and reflections and to exploit the amazing palette of colours that glass offers. I’m always experimenting with new ideas and I love commissions, they stretch my skills and imagination. I have been commissioned to make windows, internal and external door panels, wall lights and tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.”


Helen Curtis – Deep Water

Helen Curtis lives near Buntingford, with her husband and two children. She has a scientific rather than an artistic background. After graduating with a BSc Hons in Chemistry from St. Andrews University, she worked as an analytical chemist for over 20 years.

Helen Curtis – Rockpool

Helen’s interest in glass began about 5 years ago, after buying a plate from an artist who ran courses in fusing glass. After that she was hooked. She moved on to study at the University of Hertfordshire and has been experimenting with fusing and slumping glass ever since. However, approaching the subject as a scientist can have its drawbacks. In her formal training as a chemist she strove for consistency and reproducibility, but has learnt that this can also lead to frustration, as many of the changes which occur during fusing are unpredictable, so the whole process is a kind of alchemy. This is also is what makes it so exciting!

Helen Curtis – Firelight

In her work Helen uses inclusions such as metal leaf, metal foils and wire, along with metal oxides, powdered coloured glass and enamels. She is particularly fascinated by how light and reflection can change the colours in her work.

June 28, 2011

Private View Photos!

Morning Bloggers, here at i2Art gallery on Saturday we had our private view for our exciting new Summer Exhibition. The weather graced us with the perfect day for it; the Pimm’s was going down well! In case anybody missed it, we took some photos for you!

Here is a picture of Gilly Marklew and friend; Gilly is a watercolour artist that is featured in the Summer Exhibition, and also teaches Watercolour Painting and Drawing to adult learners in the Cambridge area.

Annie Hall, talented local portrait artist, with Graz, who is part of the team here at i2Art! Annie also does commission work, which are ideal gifts!

Artist Judy Logan looking wonderfully vibrant by her painting, ‘You are always on my mind’ (above). Judy is a painter and printmaker based in Cambridge. She is part of the Cambridge Artworks Group who are featuring in the Cambridge open studios this weekend.

Lovely Sarah, head of the i2Art team, with Judy next to one of Judy’s innovative aquatint prints, ‘Perfect Landing’.

Althea Braithwaite is a former children’s book writer and publisher, who in 2003 acquired a kiln, which led from hobby to obsession as she produces her beautiful vibrant coloured glass works. Here she is with two of her works, ‘Desert Sand’ (left) and ‘Fen Sunset’ (right).

Annie with two of her larger portraits in charcoal, ‘Self Portrait’ (left) and ‘Portrait’ (right), and another Judy Logan crow print, an etching entitled ‘Speed Crow’.

Local art enthusiasts, Alison’s Mum Sonya (right) and good friend Hazel (Left) standing with Alison from the i2Art team.

One of Colin Chetwood’s delicate flower lamps, ‘Baby Bedside Cream Light’ we have here in the i2Art Gallery Summer Exhibition.

Unfortunately Loukas Morely could not make the Private View, but that did not stop us from admiring his beautiful paintings and prints, ‘Gesture (pair)’ (above), and three of his ‘Basket’ prints in Yellow, Cyan and Magenta.

Some more of Loukas’ work including ‘Gesture I’ (right) and ‘Gesture with White’ (left).

Another picture of Althea with fellow glass artist Helen Curtis. Helen is a former analytical chemist, and she has a scientific rather than artistic approach to her work; her scientific influences are clear in her stunning fused glass pieces.

Our Summer Exhibition window display here at the i2Art Gallery, including work by Colin Chetwood (lamp), Katie Lynn (Fused glass flowers in window), Helen Curtis (Fused glass turquoise dish), Sophie Howard (Human form sculptures) and Sue Law, with her Purple Party Shoes, a piece that offers an interesting point of view when looking at sense of space.

The display in another room in our historic building, showing Marc Greco’s lovely bird prints, alongside some of Judy Logan’s smaller pieces, and glass work by Althea Braithwaite, Helen Curtis and Katie Lynn.

That’s it from us at i2Art Gallery, but watch this space for more exciting news about our ‘Summer Exhibition’ and further information on the artists exhibiting.

June 14, 2011

Last two weeks of LandMarks, Summer Exhibition coming soon!

Hi Bloggers! Unfortunately we have the last two weeks of our LandMarks exhibition, but that does mean it is nearly time for our next exhibition, the Summer Exhibition!

Summer Private View Invitation

i2 Art presents a collection of diverse artwork from selected artists both familiar and new to the gallery.


We have a new range of pieces by two of our most popular artists; Colin Chetwood’s gorgeous flower lamps and Sophie Howard’s waxed terracotta
figures.  Come and see our delightful summer range of paintings, prints, portraits, photography, sculpture and glass to suit all tastes and at reasonable prices.  Find the perfect piece for your home, a gift for a friend or wedding present, or simply come in and browse!


Please come along to the Private View on Saturday 25 June 2-4pm when you can meet the artists and enjoy the beautiful gallery space with a glass of Pimm’s and lemonade.

Althea Braithwaite – Cambridge

Colin Chetwood – Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire

Helen Curtis – Buntingford, Hertfordshire

Mark Greco – Lewes, East Sussex

Annie Hall – Colchester

Melanie Henderson – Bedford

Sophie Howard – Bristol

Yolande Kenny – Ickleford, Hertfordshire

Sue Law – Fowlmere, Hertfordshire

Judy Logan – Cambridge

Katie Lynn – Cambridge

Gilly Marklew – Buntingford, Hertfordshire

Noel Myles – Sudbury, Suffolk