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September 6, 2012

Poppy Cyster

We’d like to welcome abstract artist Poppy Cyster to i2Art.

Born in Fife, Poppy is predominantly an abstract artist, and many of her paintings hover between abstract compositions of line and colour and representations of nature itself.
A wide range of subject matter informs her work, from aerial perspectives of the Scottish landscape to the vibrant and ever changing inspirations she gathers on her extensive travels.
She originally studied Fine Art at De Montfort from where she graduated with a sell-out degree show and was awarded the Leicestershire Artworks collection prize.
A decade on, Poppy is paintings full time and her work is exhibited widely in the UK, and held in private collections from Japan and Australia to India and the US.
Poppy’s paintings are available to buy online through our Pop-up Gallery.
December 24, 2011

Matthew Bourne

Matthew Bourne studied an MA in Fine Art at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1990 – 1992 and now lives in Derbyshire. His work is derived from and inspired by sight, sound and emotion from the real world and his belief that painting is a timeless, emotive and transcendental means of expression.

“I believe the process of painting is integral to its content and the quality of foremost importance. I aim to set up a tension in my paintings between spontaneity and risk and more measured controlled approach. Within this approach I strive to create paintings that have the right balance in mood, light, texture, brushwork, placement,incident and structure.

To flick, smudge, pour, spray, spread, rub, splat, squeeze, draw, drag, scribble and dribble in order to create tough, uncompromising paintings which carry the weight of art history and relate to people on many levels. I hope my painting will keep evolving. Exactly where it is hard to say because so much comes from within the painting. Perhaps I will see something or some accident happen which will send me in a new direction.”

See more of Matthew’s work, available to buy, at

July 6, 2011

Loukas Morely

At the moment in i2Art Gallery (Saffron Walden), we have a feature of Loukas Morely‘s work.

Loukas Morley is an artist specialising in the media of collage, bricolage, gestural drawings and paintings.  His responses to feelings and thoughts are intuitive, so that when an idea has become firm in his mind he is able to step aside and let it describe itself. This is what gives his work its momentum: respecting the flow of an idea and allowing it to breathe on its own.

Morley takes seemingly peripheral objects and makes them central by allowing them to inhabit a setting which lets us see them freshly and with an affection which is poignant because it is so unexpected. For example, he takes a squashed shopping basket found abandoned, places it in a gallery, takes a photograph of it and then takes the image and makes it into a screen print. The basket is dignified through the process it undergoes and the attention it receives.

Morley is spare and precise in his work. The stark simplicity of the marks and lines of his pieces provide piercingly humane responses to the inescapable problem of wastefulness peculiar to humankind: these trigger in us our own rich and luxurious poems. Here is an artist whose work is always elegantly robust; whose pieces resonate with that quality which no human being should ever have to live without – beauty.

(Biography written by Judith Liddell-King)