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May 26, 2012

i2Art Summer Exhibition Starts Today!

i2Art Summer Exhibition – until the 4th August!

The i2Art Summer Exhibition is always a crowd pleaser and this year will be no different, featuring artworks from both new and familiar faces with something for everyone.

Sarah Booth’s gorgeous folk art oils of fruit and birds

Expressive landscapes by Yasmin Marsh

Nettie Firman’s mixed media sculptures

Emma Petts’ colourful acrylic paintings

Robin Stemp’s unique photographic style

Sarah Warnes’ small but perfectly formed paintings

Patricia Palmers’ vibrant and dramatic landscapes

Not to mention…

Katie Lynn’s quirky glass flowers

Colin Chetwood’s paper and copper flower lamps

Alan Foxley’s ceramic forms

To see more of these artists work, available to buy, visit –

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May 21, 2012

Upcoming Show – i2Art Summer Exhibition

i2Art Summer Exhibition: 26th May – 4th August

The i2Art Summer Exhibition is always a crowd pleaser and this year will be no different with an exciting selection of beautiful artworks from both new and familiar faces with something for everyone.

Featuring a range of media, from Sarah Booth’s gorgeous folk art oils of fruit and birds to expressive landscapes by Yasmin Marsh; Nettie Firman’s mixed media sculptures to Emma Petts’ colourful acrylic paintings; Robin Stemp’s unique photographic style to Sarah Warnes’ small but perfectly formed paintings and Patricia Palmers’ vibrant and dramatic landscapes. Not forgetting our i2 regulars; Katie Lynn’s quirky glass flowers, Colin Chetwood’s paper and copper flower lamps and  Alan Foxley’s ceramic forms.

May 18, 2012

Last Chance To See – Horseplay!

Our exhibiton entitled ‘Horseplay’ ends tomorrow.

‘Horseplay’ celebrates the beauty, elegance, grace and spirit of these beautiful creatures.

Why not pop in before it’s too late and see the wonderful paintings, sculptures and prints from selected local artists with a passion for horse portraiture…

Yolande Kenny

Gena Ivanov

Ramzieh Baj

Sophie Howard

In the meantime to see more of their work, available to buy, visit:

May 11, 2012

Horseplay – Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard’s equine sculptures are currently adding form and texture to our horsey promenade. Why not pop in and have a look at our ‘Horseplay’ exhibition?

Sophie Howard studied scuplture at Winchester School of Art and graduated in 1979. Since then she has continued to be a practicing sculptor. She has made over 30 portrait commissions, architural details for historic house renovations and created several works for national television. In addition to following her own development as an artist, between 1988 and 2005 she designed garden statuary for several leading manufacturers. She has been employed in arts education in a number of roles including residencies, arts workshops for serious offenders and teaching Art and Design. She currently acts as a mentor and creative industries business advisor with BRAVE the enterprise agency, and ArtsMatrix, part time, as well as occasional sculpture teaching.

Sophie makes forms from clay and other materials, including willow and driftwood. Her subjects are people, animals, movement and pure forms, and the connections between all of these. Much of her work is cast into terracotta and resin as well as bronze.

Sophie’s sculpture is represented in a number of galleries in England, Scotland and Wales.

To see more of Sophie’s work, available to buy, visit:

May 11, 2012

Horseplay – Ramzieh Baj

Our current exhibition ‘Horseplay’, exploring the equine form, features the work of several wonderful local artists including Ramzieh Baj. Why not pop in and have a look for yourself?

Ramzieh Baj was born in Jordan of Circassian parents from the Caucasus region of Russia.  An honours graduate in fine art from the University of Baghdad, where she studied under Faiq Hassan, she taught art before taking up a British Council scholarship to pursue her post-graduate studies in Brighton from which she graduated with distinction in painting. She was awarded an MA in Fine Art Printmaking from Cambridge School of Art in 2008; her dissertation was on ‘Globalisation and Issue Based Art’.

Ramzieh has lived and worked in Iraq, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Qatar (where she lectured in art at the University), Botswana, Algeria, and Senegal, and now lives outside the village of Little Walden between Cambridge and Saffron Walden.

Solo Exhibitions include:

Botswana – Gaberone: National Museum and Gallery

Qatar – Doha: Gulf Hotel & Department of Culture and Arts.

Egypt – Cairo: Akhenaton Gallery, Zamalek

Serbia – Belgrade: Graficki Kolektiv

UK – Brighton: Hove Museum of Art

Jordan – Amman: British Council

To see more or Ramzieh’s work, available to buy, visit:

May 1, 2012

Horseplay – Gena Ivanov

Our Horseplay exhibition is still on, why don’t you pop in and see it for yourself? One of our fantastic Artists is Painter Gena Ivanov…

Gena is orignally Russian, born in 1968 in Vladimir to a military family. He began to draw at school but at that time modern dance took most of his energies and interest. He went into the army and served for two years as a military artist. Art then firmly in his soul, he studied at Bobruisk Art College where he graduated with a distinction.

He then took a residency in a museum in Bobruisk and later set himself up working in his own studio by painting and working as an interior designer. In 2000 he was elected to the Artist’s Union in Belarus and in 2004 came to work in England. Gena now has a studio in Norwich and also a gallery in a popular shopping street in Norwich city centre. In 2009 he enrolled at Norwich University College of the Arts to read for a Masters in Fine Art from which he has recently graduated.

“My practice is primarily painting and poetry, the two forms working together to tell a story, the poetry illustrating the thinking behind my painted work – a turn around of normality. It tells of my constant grapple with what life means, to me and to the rest of the world.

My work is the interface between what takes place within my head, my body and how that relates to my environment and the people in it. It is intensely felt and expressed, often through the physicality of my self and my body. The paintings are often large, requiring a large physical involvement to paint them.

My work has changed a lot since I left USSR and settled in Norwich. The style I was taught in USSR was very traditional and experimenting was not encouraged. I became accustomed to painting work for sale in my gallery, but ultimately I found this constraining. The MA in Fine Art has enabled me and freed my work so that I have been able to develop some of my thinking and create a new pathway. I will continue to develop what I have started during this time.

I am on a journey through life, and my work is documenting my progress. At the same time, it is part of my progress and a journey that will continue as long as I live. It is my life.”

To see more of Gena’s work, available to buy, visit: