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July 23, 2011

Sophie Howard Sculpture

Sophie Howard is a sculptor, and part of our i2Art Gallery Summer Exhibition as well as showing regularly here.

Sophie Howard studied scuplture at Winchester School of Art and graduated in 1979. Since then she has continued to be a practicing sculptor. She has made over 30 portrait commissions, architural details for historic house renovations and created several works for national television. In addition to following her own development as an artist, between 1988 and 2005 she designed garden statuary for several leading manufacturers. She has been employed in arts education in a number of roles including residencies, arts workshops for serious offenders and teaching Art and Design. She currently acts as a mentor and creative industries business advisor with BRAVE the enterprise agency, and ArtsMatrix, part time, as well as occasional sculpture teaching.

Sophie makes forms from clay and other materials, including willo and driftwood. Her subjects are people, animals, movement and pure forms, and the connections between all of these. Much of her work is cast into terracotta and resin as well as bronze.

Sophie’s sculpture is represented in a number of galleries in England, Scotland and Wales.



July 22, 2011

Tomeu Simonet

Tomeu Simonet, born in 1973, is a skilled sculptor with a natural flair and liking for working purely and simply with such earthy materials as iron and stone. He achieved his first individual exhibition in 2002 in Mallorca and since then his sculptures have been exhibited in Europe in various galleries in Madrid, Paris and Barcelona. His work enjoyed not only by gallery visitors but those seeing his work exhibited in public spaces such as in hospitals, council grounds and parks.

Tomeu’s inspiration for Testimonis de la Terra started in a similar way to previous sculptures; by playing with geometric shapes and a desire to represent purity in the work. Iron and stone to him are geological elements that have “witnessed the soul (interior) of the Earth”.

When asked “What influences your work? “ His reply is “Everything around me, because at some point what I have seen I interpret”. To the question who has influenced him, he relates to works by Chillida and Oteiza; to  Richard Serra and Donald Judd.

Currently he is working on a series in a smaller format and on a series of sculptures two to three metres high.

During 2002-2006 Tomeu’s sculptures were exhibited at 28  collective and 8 solo exhibitions.

The series ‘Testimonis de la Terra’ received excellent reviews in Italy, Germany, France, Spain and in the Balearic Islands of Menorca, Ibiza  and Mallorca.




July 20, 2011

Mark Greco

Mark Greco is a printmaker, artist and illustrator that is exhibiting in our Summer Exhibition.


Mark Greco – Housemartin

Originally from Wakefield, Mark Greco is an Artist and Illustrator now based in Lewes, Sussex. After studying Fine Art at South Glamorgan Institute of Higher Education Mark has worked as a commercial artist, printmaker and consultant working for clients including the BBC, the Crafts Council and Bloomsbury Academic.

Mark Greco – Treecreeper

The silkscreen and giclée prints that Mark produces are influenced by his interest in science, nature and what he sees through his explorations in the Sussex landscape. By combining digital image making with traditional printmaking techniques, Mark uses colour, pattern and symbolism to create bold pieces that reflect some of the character and stories behind the subjects he depicts.

Mark Greco – Waxwing

Previous Exhibitions:

Museum of Contemporary Art, Istanbul

Ice Cream for Everyone: Bookworks, London

CODE: Queens College, Cambridge

Mixing & Streaming: Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Tech Nicks: Lux Cinema, London

CRASH: Institute of Contemporary Art, London

In Progress: Wakefield Arts Centre, Wakefield

Oriel, Cardiff

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Oriel Mostyn, Llandudno

Ruskin School of Print, Oxford

Mark Greco – Yellow Wren

July 19, 2011

Colin Chetwood

As part of our i2Art Galley Summer Exhibition, we have a selection of beautiful lamps and other work by Colin Chetwood.


After studying sculpture at the Slade School of Art in the early eighties, Colin Chetwood set up a studio in London producing forged steel furniture and gates. His work sold to clients both in the UK and abroad and was featured in many national magazines due to the nature of its uniqueness.

(Oak and Perspex Lamp)

Needing to find new horizons in the mid 1990’s Colin spent some time travelling, working for firms and making sculpture for noted artists. It was during his time in Germany that he became interested in combining the warm qualities of copper with the subtle colours of paper, one of the world’s oldest materials, to create lamps inspired by natural forms.

Colin Chetwood – Orange Lily

“Living in the Wye valley, an area lush with plant life and with sharply changing landscape, my work is inspired by natural elements. The river often floods covering the trees with flotsam; the sky above the Black Mountains changes from day-to-day sending clouds and winds scudding towards my home. The energy of this landscape permeates my work.”

(Oak and Perspex Lamp)

Colin’s range of lighting includes wall lights, desk lamps, standing lamps with bases, lampshades and sculptural lighting. Our display shows a selection of contemporary lights inspired by plant forms. All the lamps are handmade, and often with tissue shades which project a subtle atmosphere into the room. The bases are of beaten or burnished copper or aluminium.

July 16, 2011

Althea Braithwaite & Helen Curtis

Althea Braithwaite and Helen Curtis are two glass artists who are exhibiting in our Summer Exhibition here at i2Art Gallery.


Althea Braithwaite – Blue Line

Althea Braithwaite is a glass artist and children’s book writer who started the publishing company Dinosaur publications.

Having sold Dinosaur Publications to Harper Collins in 1984 and writing for other publishers, Althea found time to travel. Together with husband Edward she spent two-and-a-half years in Europe in the 90’s, and in 2000 spent 10 months travelling round Australia.

Althea Braithwaite – Confetti

In the autumn of 2003 Althea acquired a kiln and started another venture, working with glass, fusing and slumping it to make dishes, as well as making fused glass windows on commission. It has quickly become an obsession.

Althea Braithwaite – Desert Sand

“For the last few years I’ve immersed myself in the joy, delight and creative potential of the wonderful medium of glass. I use fusing techniques to manipulate shadows and reflections and to exploit the amazing palette of colours that glass offers. I’m always experimenting with new ideas and I love commissions, they stretch my skills and imagination. I have been commissioned to make windows, internal and external door panels, wall lights and tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.”


Helen Curtis – Deep Water

Helen Curtis lives near Buntingford, with her husband and two children. She has a scientific rather than an artistic background. After graduating with a BSc Hons in Chemistry from St. Andrews University, she worked as an analytical chemist for over 20 years.

Helen Curtis – Rockpool

Helen’s interest in glass began about 5 years ago, after buying a plate from an artist who ran courses in fusing glass. After that she was hooked. She moved on to study at the University of Hertfordshire and has been experimenting with fusing and slumping glass ever since. However, approaching the subject as a scientist can have its drawbacks. In her formal training as a chemist she strove for consistency and reproducibility, but has learnt that this can also lead to frustration, as many of the changes which occur during fusing are unpredictable, so the whole process is a kind of alchemy. This is also is what makes it so exciting!

Helen Curtis – Firelight

In her work Helen uses inclusions such as metal leaf, metal foils and wire, along with metal oxides, powdered coloured glass and enamels. She is particularly fascinated by how light and reflection can change the colours in her work.

July 13, 2011

Yolande Kenny

Yolande Kenny is a painter showing in our Summer Exhibition. Although her speciality is horses, she paints a variety of animals and can even do commissions of your own animals.

Yolande Kenny recently graduated from Central St Martins with a BA (Hons) Fine Art. She lives and works from her base in Hertfordshire and completes work for galleries and on a commission basis.

“In the worlds I create with paint or photography, all living things are given equal status.

Throughout history, people have classified, categorized and organized nature, studying and documenting it according to its own codes of survival. Nature has been defined from our human stance and we have separated ourselves from it, yet (from our own definition of it), we have evolved from it. How we fit into the natural world is my departure point.”

“My work has muted tones and small detail. It is intended to seek an intimate and quiet, but intense, relationship with the viewer. I paint on stretched linen, using a ground Gesso base and then apply layers of transparent oils to embrace a surface illusion of undulating form and depth.”

Yolande’s sensitive portraits of horses show their true natures, often using views that only someone standing close to these beautiful creatures can see.



July 8, 2011

Judy Logan

Judy Logan, painter and printmaker, is taking part in our Summer Exhibition here at i2Art Gallery.

Born in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex, Judy Logan has always been influenced by the joie de vivre, vivacity and laughter that surrounded her when she lived in that ‘famous little Home County’. She settled in Cambridge in 1994 where she lives with her husband; a singer in a band and university lecturer.

Judy says, ‘My best ideas often spring to mind when I’m doing something other than working in my studio, for example walking the dog, driving along listening to the radio or relaxing with my husband. It’s important for me to capture these first seeds of an idea in my notebooks. After a while I see which ideas tend to ‘stick’ in my mind and these go on to be developed into paintings or prints.’

Most of Judy’s prints are etchings and drypoints with the necessary graphic qualities demanding a fairly direct and immediate treatment of an idea. She finds that oil paintings usually take her a lot longer. Occasionally idea and image are totally harmonious and the painting flows, other times she continues repainting as she changes her mind about what she’s trying to say, until eventually the image is captured that best communicates the idea. Yet there are times when images just seem to arrive on the canvas as if they have a will of their own.



July 6, 2011

Loukas Morely

At the moment in i2Art Gallery (Saffron Walden), we have a feature of Loukas Morely‘s work.

Loukas Morley is an artist specialising in the media of collage, bricolage, gestural drawings and paintings.  His responses to feelings and thoughts are intuitive, so that when an idea has become firm in his mind he is able to step aside and let it describe itself. This is what gives his work its momentum: respecting the flow of an idea and allowing it to breathe on its own.

Morley takes seemingly peripheral objects and makes them central by allowing them to inhabit a setting which lets us see them freshly and with an affection which is poignant because it is so unexpected. For example, he takes a squashed shopping basket found abandoned, places it in a gallery, takes a photograph of it and then takes the image and makes it into a screen print. The basket is dignified through the process it undergoes and the attention it receives.

Morley is spare and precise in his work. The stark simplicity of the marks and lines of his pieces provide piercingly humane responses to the inescapable problem of wastefulness peculiar to humankind: these trigger in us our own rich and luxurious poems. Here is an artist whose work is always elegantly robust; whose pieces resonate with that quality which no human being should ever have to live without – beauty.

(Biography written by Judith Liddell-King)

July 1, 2011


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